Next Monday (20 March) we will be celebrating the UN International Day of Happiness and encouraging people everywhere to help create a happier world.
We'd really love your support in making it a special day.
Our collaborative campaign at involves lots of great causes and organisations coming together to celebrate the day and asking people to join the global movement for a happier world.
Everyone who signs up will receive a free Happiness Guidebook, a wonderful new Happiness Pack for use with children and access to the new 2017 World Happiness Report which is being published on the same day too.
Lots of people are also planning local meetups and celebrations, from positive flash mobs to community parties.
And you can also spread the word about what you're doing using the #InternationalDayOfHappiness hashtag on social media.
So please check out and share with your friends and colleagues.
Let's remind the world why happiness and kindness matter so much :)

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